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Msgr. Fallon blowing repeatedly into the microphone before making announcements over the school's public address system.

Msgr. Fallon coming into each classroom to give hand out report cards.

Going to church the first Friday of every month.

Memorizing the "Baltimore Catechism."

Memorizing the 50 states in alphabetical order in 2nd grade.

No such thing as backpacks; we had a choice of boy's or girl's bookbags.

Covering our textbooks with brown paper at the beginning of each year.

Going through each textbook and erasing all the marks we made in the textbooks throughout the year.

If we got wet outside while playing, we were allowed to sit on the radiators to dry off.

Jimmy the janitor looking through the classroom windows during class.

Collecting money each day for "orphan pagan babies."

Collecting used postage stamps for "orphan pagan babies."

Playing cards by throwing baseball cards against the church; closest card wins all.

Throwing a ball off the side of the church or school; whoever caught it was then allowed to throw it next.

Introduction of the "new math."

Introduction of more contemporary habits for the younger nuns.

Fights in the school yard.

"Real" ink pens.

Walking to Camden Catholic to watch "Hello Dolly."

Class Christmas recitals in the lower church which took place during the evening.

Mandatory Sunday children's Mass in the lower church.

Those little collection envelopes we were given to use at Sunday children's Mass.

Having to brink notes to school from our parents on Monday if we weren't at children's Mass on Sunday.

Girls having to wear hats in church.

On the first Friday's of each month and when the class went to confession, girls without hats had to fashion tissue paper on their heads with bobby pins so as to not cause a Venial Sin.

Trying to find a white jacket for First Holy Communion.

Before air conditioning, boys were assigned job of opening church windows with those massive poles.

Msgr. Fallon doing Benediction, with incense, clapping those sticks together to make that clapping sound, and having that canopy over him at all times as he circled the church singing "Sing My Tongue The Savior's Glory."

Msgr. Fallon stopping during his Christmas midnight Mass and ordering drunk people out of the Church.

Msgr. Fallon having the lights turned off during the "Last Supper" part of Christmas midnight Mass leaving only the blue lights on the Christmas trees while he read using a flashlight.

"Rummage Sales" in the basement of the school.

Having Mass with the priests facing the other way.

Learning Latin (Eck Cume Spirit Two Two Oh!)

Green and Gold day.

The annual magazine drive.

For Valentine's Day, all classmates' cards got put into a box to be distributed at the end of the day.

Thursday was "hot dog day."

The guys playing dodge ball.

Our annual trip to Clemington Park.

Having Jimmy play Santa Claus and handing out a box of hard tack candy to every student.

No school hot lunches, but we could buy half pint milks which were delivered in crates to each classroom every day.

Eating lunch in our classroom, then going outside to play when we were done.

Mrs. Powers (need I say more?)

The boys changing into their gym uniforms (white shorts and tee shirt) while the lay teachers or nuns watched.

Forming lines to go to the bathroom once a day.

Alter boys had to wear white sneakers.

Boy Scouts were allowed to wear their uniforms to school if they had activities that day after school.

Masses for alter boys started at 6:00 a.m.

If lucky, an alter boy would get to do a funeral, get paid, and miss morning classes.

Alter boys were always in groups of 5, the two positions that didn't do anything were called "dummies."

Nuns running into the men's room to grab boys they heard talking.

Art on Friday.

Playing jail break outside for recreation. (the outside of the rectory's garage was the jail)

Playing handball; home plate was near the garbage containers.

Playing basketball at night at Roosevelt.

Watching the convent being constructed.

Mrs. Lacko's beehive hairdo.

Us singing while Mrs. Watson played her guitar.

No air conditioning or fans.

Taunting the CCD kids.

Being allowed to ride our bikes to school and the bike stand in the back of the convent.

Having a ball go into the fenced in yard next to the school and having to retrieve it knowing that dog was there.

Wearing our costumes on Halloween and sneaking away during outside recreation time to do some quick trick-or-treating in the local neighborhood.

"Music Class" meaning the teacher played that old organ keyboard and we learned to church hymns.

That device that held 5 pieces of chalk so that the teacher could write music on the chalkboard.

Having to write the times tables (0 to 12) multiple times as punishment.

Having to copy every name, address and phone number from numerous telephone pages as punishment. (Example: pages 47 to 67).

Having to write from 0 to 1,000 as punishment.

Kneeling on pencils as punishment.

Sr. Cecilia coming into the classroom and measuring with a yardstick the distance between a boy's collar and his neck hairline sometimes resulting in her giving free haircuts.

The annual carnival in the basement of the school.

Having Msgr. Fallon teach religion in 8th grade and having to do a report on "The Life of Christ."

Jimmy the janitor throwing balls and coins from the roof of the school at the end of the school year.

Saw dust being thrown on the floor after a student vomited.

The boys bouncing up and down on the kneelers in the confessionals so that the little crucifix light on the doors would provide Morse Code type signals to their classmates in line to use the confessional.

Msgr. Fallon jumping out of his confessional to grab a student in the confessional the thought was fooling around.

Sr. Vivian's paddle with the illustration of the boy and girl bent over the well.

Getting grabbed by the earlobe and being pulled around by the teacher or principal.

Having to put gum on your nose as punishment for chewing it.

Having to stand in a classroom's garbage can as punishment.

Having to eat paper as punishment.

Getting slapped around right outside the classroom.

Sr. Vivian taking students to the kitchen in the school basement to wash their mouth out with soap.

The time half the class drank and passed around Seagram's 7 during Sr. Virginia's 8th Grade Class only to have their mothers notice they were drunk when they got home.

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