Classmate Philip Iannacone died on March 29, 2008. Our former Principal, Sr. Cecelia Rotundo, MPF died November 5, 2006 at the Motherhouse in Morristown, New Jersey.  She was Principal of St. Peter from 1968 to 1974.


The faculty for the 1968/1969 school year.

First row, from left to right:  ?, ?, ?, Sr. Anna Maiorano, Msgr. John P. Fallon, Sr. Cecilia Rotondo, ?, ?, ?

Second row, from left to right:  Miss H. Stewart, Mrs. Lacko, Mrs.  Betty Lou Dapkiewicz, Mrs. Powers, ?, ?, Mrs. Freiberg, Mrs. Piccone, ?, ?


Msgr. John P. Fallon "Jimmy the Janitor" Deery "Jimmy the Janitor" Deery

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Len Campbell



Pat Carr

Mike Patchus

Sandy Intelicato

Lisa Johnson Foy

Diane Rudd Kissinger

Carolyn May Essel

Carl Meyer

Chris Mecca

Joan Bowers

Fred Picknally

Jim Slattery

Barbara Yeager Conforti

Ron Sammeth

Bob Prate

Janis Horn

Grace Viggiano Kopp

Greg Stanisce

Susanne Miazga Bower

Rose Messina Krawiecki

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Mike Kenney

Renny Guida




Many classmates discovered our St. Peter School Class of 1972 Website after entering their names into a internet search engine such as Google.  In order to increase the likelihood that other classmates will find this website in the same manner, the entire list of classmates has been set forth below including possible nick names, married names and maiden names:

John Abroitz, John Steele, John Remington Steele, Joseph Anderson, Joe Anderson, Brian Atkisson, William Atkisson, Linda August, Linda Meade, Linda August Meade, Jean Barr, Stephen Bianco, Steve Bianco, Joan Bowers, Joan Zarych, Joan Bowers Zarych, Kathleen Brennan, Kath Brennan, Kathy Brennan, Kathleen Brownholtz, Kath Brownhultz, Kathy Brownholtz, Leonard Campbell, Len Campbell, Lenny Campbell, Skip Campbell, Skippy Campbell, Mark Campbell, Frank Canali, Michael Carn, Mike Carn, Edward Corneley, Ed Corneley, Michael Deighen, Mike Deighen, Catherine Dickson, Cath Dickson, Cathy Dickson, Stephen DiCiurcio, Steve DiCiurcio, Nanette DiNardo, Julia Doherty, Julie Doherty, Jacqueline Doran, Jackie Doran, Susan Downs, Sue Downs, Susy Downs, Christine Duffy, Christine Lodge, Christine Duffy Lodge, Chris Duffy, Chris Lodge, Chris Duffy Lodge, Chrisy Duffy, Chrisy Lodge, Chrissy Duffy Lodge, John Fingerhut, Eileen Formanek, Margaret Francescone, Margaret Slenn, Margaret Francescone Slenn, Margie Francescone, Margie Slenn, Margie Francescone Slenn, Eric Frisbie, Bart Gambardello, Bartholomew Gambardello, Rochelle Gizinski, Shelly Gizinski, Jacqueline Grant, Jackie Grant, Diane Grieb, Reynold Guida, Renny Guida, Loretta Guidara, Loretta O'Neil, Loretta Guidara O'Neil, Lori Guidara, Lori O'Neil, Lori Guidara O'Neil, Karen Hak, Karen Bell, Karen Hak Bell, David Henkel, Dave Henkel, Barbara Herr, Barb Herr, Janis Horn, Philip Iannacone, Phil Iannacone, Sandra Intelicato, Sandy Intelicato, Sandi Intelicato, Mary Kenney, Michael Kenney, Mike Kenney, Henry Kimsey, Jane Kline, James Koch, Jim Koch, Jimmy Koch, Carolyn May, Carolyn May Essel, Carolyn Essel,  Jane Mebs, Jane Mebs Kline, Richard Lanzalotti, Rich Lanzalotti, Richy Lanzalotti, Dick Lanzalotti, Kurt Lukasiak, William Magee, Will Magee, Bill Magee, Billy Magee, Willy Magee, Robert Martucci, Rob Martucci, Bobby Martucci, Robby Martucci, Lisa Mason, Josephine McCracken, Josephine Popelak, Josephine McCracken Popelak, Jody McCracken, Jody Popelak, Jody McCracken Popelak, Joseph McDermott, Joe McDermott, Joey McDermott, Christopher Mecca, Chris Mecca, Anthony Messina, Tony Messina, Rosemarie Messina, Rosemarie Krawiecki, Rosemarei Messina Krawiecki, Rose Messina, Rose Krawiecki, Rose Messina Krawiecki, Carl Meyer, Susanne Miazga, Susanne Bower, Susanne Miazga Bower, Sue Miazga, Sue Bower, Sue Miazga Bower, Susy Miazga, Susy Bower, Susy Miazga Bower, Robert Morris, Rob Morris, Robby Morris, Bob Morris, William Morrison, Will Morrison, Bill Morrison, Billy Morrison, Willy Morrison, James Murphy, Jim Murphy, Jimmy Murphy, Theresa Murphy, Terry Murphy, Terri Murphy, Patrick Murray, Pat Murray, Patricia Musick, Pat Musick, Gary Nayler, Patrick O'Brien, Pat O'Brien, Patty O'Brien, John O'Connor, Christopher O'Donnell, Chris O'Donnell, Michael Patchus, Mike Patchus, Fred Picknally, Frederick Picknally, Robert Powitsky, Bob Powitsky, Robert Prate, Rob Prate, Robby Prate, Bob Prate, Bobby Prate, Amy Prendergast, Arthur Quaranta, Art Quaranta, Julie Robinson, Loretta Rogers, Lori Rogers, Paula Rogers, Diane Rudd, Nancy Rudd, Ronald Sammeth, Ron Sammeth, Eileen Santoro, Karen Signorello, Karen Conlon, Karen Signorello Conlon, Mary Ann Sitkowski, Mary Sitkowski, Maryann Sitkowski, Maryanne Sitkowksi, James Slattery, Jim Slattery, Jimmy Slattery, Diane Smith, Gary Smith, Susan Sorbicki, Sue Sorbicki, Susy Sorbicki, Gregory Stanisce, Greg Stanisce, Thomas Strohlein Tom Strohlein, Tommy Strohlein, Deborah Sullivan, Debbie Sullivan, Deb Sullivan, William Tambussi, Bill Tambussi, Michael Vassey, Mike Vassey, Michael Virgilio, Mike Virgilio, Grace Viggiano, Grace Kopp, Grace Viggiano Kopp, Sharon Walker, Eileen Wilkins, Linda Wolfe, Barbara Yeager, Barbara Conforti, Barbara Yeager Conforti, Barb Yeager, Barb Conforti, Barb Yeager Conforti, Nancy Yecco, Raymond Amatrudo, Ray Amatrudo, Diane Boucot, Diane Pyle, Diane Boucot Pyle, Paul Button, Patrick Carr, Pat Carr, Richard Decker, Rich Decker, Sean Doran, James Drinkard, Jim Drinkard, Jimmy Drinkard, Charles Forward, Jennifer Hartusch, John Jordan, Thomas Hagan, Tom Hagan, Tommy Hagan, Robert Inverso, Bob Inverso, Rob Inverso, Bobby Inverso, Robby Inverso, Anne Marie Kerbaugh, Anne Kerbauch, Robert Merkh, Rob Merkh, Bob Merkh, Bobby Merkh, Wayne Mignogna, Dan Pepitta, Daniel Pattita, Maria Rossi, Nancy Rudd, Louis Sharp, Pierce Steeg, Pamela Trappanese, Pam Trappanese


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